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About Me


Technology & Digital Expert

I’m a technology & digital expert with 15 years of experience in delivering product management and technology transformation solutions across multiple sectors. Specialist in increasing automation, digitisation and customer engagement. Expert in translating any concept into advanced web, software, SaaS, mobile and IoT hardware.


Some facts

Years Experience
Years Education
Product Features





  • Hardware
  • Internet Technologies
  • Multimedia
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Development
  • Software Programming

View Harvard certificate here

Multimedia Technology & Design (BSc, Hons)

  • Emergent Technologies
  • Web Applications
  • Computing
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Business Studies
  • Web Design
  • Programming
  • Interaction
  • 3D Animation
  • Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Communication
  • Marketing

Python & SQL for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Programming
  • Data Frames
  • APIs
  • IBM Watson
  • SQL
  • Webscraping
  • Database Design

View IBM Python certificate here and the SQL certificate here


  • Agile Methodologies
  • Product Management
  • JIRA
  • Scrum
  • Kanbab
  • Project Management
  • Lean Principles

View Jira certificate here

A-Levels (ABBB)

  • Computing (A)
  • IT (B)
  • Business Studies (B)
  • Sociology (B)


  • Content Marketing
  • CRM Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation / Nurturing
  • PPC Advertising
  • SEO
  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Sales and Marketing Integration

View Harvard certificate here

Work Experience

Senior Product Manager

  • Mobile Apps
  • eCommerce
  • Subscriptions
  • SSO

Senior Product Manager

  • eCommerce
  • Web App Creation
  • Dashboard / Visualisation Creation
  • Big Data
  • AI / ML
  • Automation
  • Software Team Management

  • Product management for three eCommerce platforms (C2B, B2C and B2B), web portals and mobile apps for multiple business units at a Series C automotive scale-up, founded by Vitol, generating $500m+ annual revenue to increase automation, efficiency, customer success and innovation.
  • Delivering solutions that saved 1000+ monthly hours, i.e. big data dashboards, RPA, chatbots, email automation, API integrations, automating data flows between systems, granular search filtering, redesigning user flows and creating modular eCommerce checkout features.
  • Leading new feature development of eCommerce marketplaces, improvements to buy-it-now and bidding functionality, location tracking apps with OCR/ML, auction platform UX redesign (web & mobile), 2-way messaging systems, monetisation products and advanced auto-bidding functionality.
  • Launching ML and AI features to predict prices & costs by automating market analysis to auto-adjust eCommerce listing data to maximise revenue.
  • Managing sprints and roadmaps, writing user stories and technical specifications. Expanding product and tech teams via hiring and onboarding.

Senior Product Manager

  • IoT
  • Smart Hardware Creation
  • Web App Creation
  • Dashboard / Visualisation Creation
  • Big Data
  • AI / ML
  • Automation
  • Software Team Management
  • Python Django

  • Led product and feature development across the dashboards, visualisation and reporting squads at Infogrid, a global leader in IoT smart sensors that are bundled with cloud dashboards, artificial intelligence, machine learning and APIs.
  • Managed teams of world-class software and hardware engineers to deliver industry leading features used by 1000’s of customers, i.e. tools to automate decisions, monitoring and alerting across commercial real estate, healthcare and facilities management sectors.
  • Scoped and released new features including widgets, big data visualisations, interactive floor plan maps, AI recommendation and predictive tools, report automation engines, telemetry alerting, user functionality enhancements and major UX upgrades across customer web apps.
  • Produced fast MVP releases that launched across web, iOS and Android. Led customer discovery, data analysis and feedback sessions.
  • Worked with tools including Jira, Confluence, Figma, Miro, Productboard, Python Django, Intercom, GitLab, Highcharts and Zapier.

Head of Technology

  • Technology Transformation
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Enterprise Network Redesign & Optimisation
  • Website Redesign
  • Automation Design
  • Moving Infrastructure into Cloud
  • PPC Advertising
  • Innovative Construction
  • IT Strategy

  • Led technology and digital for Europe’s largest technology incubator owned by the Canary Wharf Group hosting 200 high-tech companies.
  • Implemented product releases, new user platforms, digitisation and automation projects, smart hardware and IoT roll-outs, enterprise network, infrastructure and cybersecurity upgrades, web development, advertising, vendor management and hiring of new staff.
  • Saved 45% of staff capacity by rolling out web and mobile portals that automated 1000’s of customers touchpoints i.e. payments, subscriptions, bookings, support tickets and onboarding. Visitor self-check-in creation where users receive API voice calls, SMS and email alerts (Twilio/AWS).
  • Delivered mobile app releases, smart meeting rooms, EPOS restaurants and technology projects for new buildings, co-working and events spaces.
  • Redesigned enterprise networks and VoIP telephony for 200 companies resulting in savings of £500k and 1000+ annual staff hours.
  • Managed a website rebuild achieving modern UX, easy editing and automated content feeds for jobs, articles and social feeds for 200 companies.

Senior Product Manager

  • HealthTech
  • Cloud SaaS System Creation
  • Web Application Development
  • Project Management
  • E-Learning Design
  • Technology Transformation
  • EdTech

  • Led the transformation of NHS training processes into fully digitised e-learning systems resulting in £100k annual cost savings per department.
  • Product managed the creation of websites with mobile and tablet versions, applications, dashboards, modern UI/UX and custom features.
  • Launched advanced features including no-code editors, on-screen user journeys, payment gateways, auto-grading assignments, email notifications, varying permissions based on user types, cybersecurity, user verification options and copyright protection methods.
  • Implemented probabilistic matchmaking AI to scan each students grades to automatically suggest related assignments to enhance learning.
  • Modular design allowing easy replication. System built to evolve with the NHS’s requirements. Recruited and managed teams of developers.

Product Manager

  • PPC Advertising
  • Cloud SaaS Tool Creation
  • Product Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Full Spectrum Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • SMS Automation

  • Product managed the creation Microsoft Dynamics case management cloud/SaaS system for legal, medical and insurance customers.
  • Implemented mobile versions, video calling, live chat, SMS automation, notification alerts, SharePoint, web form integrations and support ticketing
  • £400k saved using SMS reminders to prevent legal cases from being closed. Conducted software demos for clients and event attendees.
  • £1.5 million revenue uplift via optimising Google Ads, TV and outdoor advertising. Created websites, landing pages, newsletters, SEO and videos.
  • Key stakeholders; CEO, senior management and client law firm partners. Managed global teams of developers and designers (Agile).

Senior Marketing Manager

  • PPC Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Funnels
  • Lead Generation Techniques
  • Landing Page & Microsite Creation
  • Events Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Website Rebuilds
  • Branding & PR
  • Technology Upgrades

  • Implemented and managed marketing strategies across London, USA, UAE and Brazil for the financial services industry.
  • Managed £2 million annual Google Ads spend across multiple demographics. Increased lead-gen by 600% and revenue by £20 million.
  • Led teams in creative and content departments, made 100+ websites, landing pages, newsletters and videos (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and Adobe CS)
  • Rolled out a cloud investor portal for clients to view and manage their holdings, Salesforce, email automation and resilient web servers.
  • Organised large global and local events. Trained staff and resellers on technical and IT skills to increase efficiency.

Marketing Manager

  • Video Streaming
  • Web, Mobile & Social Engagement
  • Advertising
  • Video & 3D Animation
  • Custom Software

  • Executed marketing and advertising strategies to gain new and repeat visitors. Research and implementation of new web and video technologies.
  • Utilised design skills to create websites, graphics, videos and 3D animations. Created and managed specification documents for designers.
  • Launched systems to enhance the business, i.e. created a CRM in visual basic, video server with semantic tagging and file format converters.
  • Regular competitor and industry analysis. Worked on global projects with daily, weekly and monthly deadlines.

Marketing Analyst

  • Rebranding Marketing Collateral
  • Partner Marketing With Large Corporate Clients
  • Digital & Print Design
  • Sales

  • Transformed and rebranded all marketing material including adverts, brochures, sales sheets, graphics, email campaigns and partner materials.
  • Created an intranet portal for staff to access new marketing and sales collateral. Made videos tutorials to help staff visualise internal processes.
  • Produced custom BI reports (SAP Crystal Reports) using SQL and made a real-time database of clients on a visual geographical map.
  • Provided technical and software support for clients (service desk). Liaised with clients to gain feedback and find growth opportunities.


Proven Experience


Product Management

Agile PM, Jira (certified), Kanban, Scrum, Prototyping, MVP and Product Releases for Web/Software
Specifications, Wireframing, APIs, Scoping, Planning, Research, Testing and QA
Dev Team Recruiting, Backlog management, team management and user research
Portal Creation, Cybersecurity, Hardware Integration i.e. VoIP, EPOS, Visitor Check-in devices, etc


Multi Channel Marketing (Social, Web, Mobile, PPC, Email, Print, Event, Video)
Lead Generation, Automation, PPC & Demographic Targeting
Concept Creation, Advertising Strategies, Implementation & Campaign Management
Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Print Marketing.

Digital Design

Web: Web Design, HTML, CSS, JS, CMS, PHP, WordPress & SEO.
Software: Mobile apps, Web apps, Cloud SaaS, Ruby on Rails, APIs & hardware integrations.
Hardware: IoT setup, Server/Network creation, VR/AR creation & smart hardware.
Video/3D: After Effects, 3D Studio Max / Maya, Unity, WebGL, VR, Gaming & Animations




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