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Outspire Group – LegalTech

  • Product managed the creation of cloud softwares and lead generation websites for legal and insurance services clients.
  • Led the creation of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 case management software (cloud/SaaS) for legal, medical and insurance clients.
  • Implemented mobile versions, video calling, live chat, SMS automation, notification alerts, OneDrive, SharePoint and web form integrations.
  • £400k saved using SMS reminders to prevent legal cases from being closed. Conducted software demos for clients and event attendees.
  • Introduced ticketing, tracking and change control tools (JIRA and Zendesk) to improve quality and collaboration between international teams.
  • £1.5 million revenue uplift via optimising Google Ads, TV and outdoor advertising. Created websites, landing pages, newsletters, SEOs and videos.
  • Key stakeholders; CEO, senior management and client law firm partners. Managed global teams of developers and designers (Agile).

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