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The Economist

  • Leading product management across multiple business areas including the Salesforce, Partnerships and Enterprise teams.
  • Specific focus on Login, Registration, SSO, My Account, CRM, customer permissions, notifications, marketing opt-ins, dashboards and partner APIs.
  • Customer data analysis to build roadmaps and user stories that enhance eCommerce, subscriptions, marketing and personalisation features.
  • Created two new teams across UK and Singapore to scale partnership growth objectives resulting in 100’s of additional monthly subscriptions.
  • Released features including SSO for login / registration (Google, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and OpenAthens), API powered partner subscriptions,
    personalised recommendations, automations, paywalled podcasts, chatbots and cyber security enhancements (firewall, captcha, 2FA).
  • Launched custom journeys and flows for multiple of user types, i.e. B2C, academics, corporates, partners, mobile and audio customers.
  • Managed weekly releases for new features, product improvements, experiments and MVPs used by millions of users to enhance retentio

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