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VavaCars – eCommerce

  • Product management for three eCommerce platforms (C2B, B2C and B2B), web portals and mobile apps for multiple business units at a Series C automotive scale-up, founded by Vitol, generating $500m+ annual revenue to increase automation, efficiency, customer success and innovation.
  • Delivering solutions that saved 1000+ monthly hours, i.e. big data dashboards, RPA, chatbots, email automation, API integrations, automating data flows between systems, granular search filtering, redesigning user flows and creating modular eCommerce checkout features.
  • Leading new feature development of eCommerce marketplaces, improvements to buy-it-now and bidding functionality, location tracking apps with OCR/ML, auction platform UX redesign (web & mobile), 2-way messaging systems, monetisation products and advanced auto-bidding functionality.
  • Launching ML and AI features to predict prices & costs by automating market analysis to auto-adjust eCommerce listing data to maximise revenue.
  • Managing sprints and roadmaps, writing user stories and technical specifications. Expanding product and tech teams via hiring and onboarding.

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