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How to pay almost zero fees when buying #Bitcoin​ and #Crypto​

Quick tutorial showing you how to pay almost zero fees when buying Bitcoin and Crypto.

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Summary of instructions from the video above:

  • Sign up to Coinbase
    • Deposit funds into Coinbase via the method with no fees, i.e. bank transfer
  • Then open CoinbasePro >  Here is where you will pull your funds out of the regular Coinbase, buy the cryptocurrency and then push that back into Coinbase
    • In the top left ‘Market’ drop-down, select a trading pair, i.e. ‘Bitcoin – GBP’
    • Press ‘Deposit’
    • Select the ‘currency’ you want to pull in and then select ‘Coinbase’ as the source of funds
    • Then press ‘Max’ (or the amount you want to pull in) and press ‘Deposit’
    •  Now your funds are in Coinbase Pro
  • Double-check you are on the correct trading pair in the top left ‘Market’ section, i.e. ‘BTC-GBP’
    • On the left section, press ‘Buy’, then ‘Market’,  then ‘Max’ and then ‘Place Buy Order’
    • Within a few seconds and you will see ‘Open Orders’ section shows your trade as ‘filled’ meaning you now own Bitcoin
    • Then you need to Withdraw your Crypto back to Coinbase
    • Press ‘Withdraw’ in the left section
    • Select the ‘currency’, i.e. Bitcoin/BTC
    • Then select ‘Coinbase‘ as the place to push the crypto
    • Press ‘Max’ and then ‘Withdraw’
  • Now your Bitcoin is in Coinbase regular where you can easily manage it and make trades against other Crypto with no fees

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