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Press and Web Features

View some articles that I’ve been featured in across the web along with other pieces of content that I have produced.

Twilio: Developing voice and SMS bots for smart buildings to power automation and self-check-in devices

ZOOM: Designing a range of wireless smart rooms for the tech industry

NET-A-PORTER: Deep dive video on R&D strategies  with the CTO of YOOX NET-A-PORTER

HubSpot: Making chatbots that automate video conference meeting booking 

8X8: Implementing cloud transformation for enterprise real estate business models

Nexudus: Using portals and APIs to automate customer interactions and payments across web, mobile and smart hardware.

Figma:  View multiple web and mobile app prototypes I’ve made that have received 10,000+ downloads

Email Octopus: Leveraging Amazon AWS for transactional emails

Informa / Startup Elevate: Speaker profile for Informa events that I have been a speaker and judge at related to automotive technology, AI and start-ups

Lightspeed: Deploying EPOS cloud-based till systems and digital payment systems

Level39:  Tech Central Report about scale-ups in London working in FinTech, Cyber Security, IoT, Smart Cities and Blockchain

Double Edge: Modernising computer networks and cyber security for 200 companies

Harvard CS50: A website I made as part of a Harvard CS50 course

Cognito Forms: Business process automation strategies using cloud forms with APIs into SMS and Calendar booking systems

Signable: Digitisation of documents systems and workflows

CodePen: Examples of data visualisations in JavaScript HTML, CSS  using Highcharts

Stack Overflow VR: Contributing multiple coding options in C# for VR game development about how to remove characters after their lives have run out

Stack Overflow Python: Providing multiple coding options in Python about how to retrieve IDs for elements used in data scraping

GitHub: Public repository of VR coding examples I have made

Replit: Codes for a website I made for the Harvard CS50 course in HTML and CSS

Medium: Content I’ve posted about investing, technology, design and coding

YouTube: Where I host content including coding and technology tutorials

Bounce Pad: Smart hardware add-ons for self-check-in systems, smart meeting rooms and infotainment devices

Crunchbase: Profile Crunchbase made which includes some of my press and event features

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