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Level39 – Canary Wharf Group

  • Led technology and digital for Europe’s largest technology incubator owned by the Canary Wharf Group hosting 200 high-tech companies.
  • Implemented product releases, new user platforms, digitisation and automation projects, smart hardware and IoT roll-outs, enterprise network, infrastructure and cybersecurity upgrades, web development, advertising, vendor management and hiring of new staff.
  • Saved 45% of staff capacity by rolling out web and mobile portals that automated 1000’s of customers touchpoints i.e. payments, subscriptions, bookings, support tickets and onboarding. Visitor self-check-in creation where users receive API voice calls, SMS and email alerts (Twilio/AWS).
  • Delivered mobile app releases, smart meeting rooms, EPOS restaurants and technology projects for new buildings, co-working and events spaces.
  • Redesigned enterprise networks and VoIP telephony for 200 companies resulting in savings of £500k and 1000+ annual staff hours.
  • Managed a website rebuild achieving modern UX, easy editing and automated content feeds for jobs, articles and social feeds for 200 companies.

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